Welcome to the final instalment of our three-part series on PartSmart 10. Part one provided a high-level overview of the software, while part two took a closer look at the new-and-improved benefits. We will conclude the series by addressing the questions you may yet have about PartSmart 10.

PartSmart 10 marks a momentous step into the future of digital parts lookup! The PartSmart team wants to ensure you are fully informed and prepared to leverage the many advantages of this innovative product. If you’re curious to learn more about PartSmart 10 or have a question about the product, we encourage you to review the following Q&A. You may also find answers to your questions below!

PartSmart 10 Q&A

Q: Will PartSmart 10 coexist with the PartSmart CD application? What will happen to my PartSmart CD subscription?

A: When you activate your PartSmart 10 account, you won’t lose access to PartSmart CD. In fact, you can use both versions, and PartSmart CD will still be available as your offline backup.


Q: Do employees in my dealership need to have their own email address to create their account?

A: Each team member will need to have their own email address. If you don’t have a company email address for each employee, you can use a free email service such as Gmail or Yahoo to set up your employees’ accounts.


Q: How do I know if PartSmart will integrate with my dealer management system (DMS)?

A: ARI is working with many of the DMS vendors to test the new PartSmart integration. We invite you to reach out to ARI to learn if your DMS is supported. If it is not, we can work with you to validate your DMS integration. ARI will handle all the heavy lifting for you.


Q: Is there a cost for integrating PartSmart with my DMS?

A: ARI does not charge a fee for integrating with your DMS, but you will need to contact your DMS to make sure that they don’t require any fees to complete the integration.


Q: If I activate the new PartSmart but the counter still uses PartSmart CD, is that going to be a problem?

A: No, because you can use both versions at the same time. Your associates at the counter can use PartSmart CD while you’re using the new PartSmart 10 in other areas of your dealership until everyone on your team is set up on the new platform.


Q: Can logins be shared? Can multiple users log in at the same time?

A: Every team member will need to have to have their own login for PartSmart. While multiple users can’t use the same login, users can open up multiple instances on a single computer.


Q: If my dealership loses internet connection, will the application still work?

A: The latest version of PartSmart is web-based and requires an internet connection to work. If you do lose your internet connection, you will need to access PartSmart CD as your offline backup.


Q: When new catalog data becomes available, how do I download it to all the computers at my dealership?

A: There’s no need to download anything. Once the catalog data is available in PartSmart 10, it will appear in your application for all team members at your dealership, with no action required on your part. The same goes for application updates—you will have access to the latest version of PartSmart 10 each time you log in.


Thank you for joining us to meet PartSmart 10. We look forward to helping you optimize your parts lookup and management operations, and we know you’ll love PartSmart 10 as much as we do! If you have a question about the product that wasn’t answered within our three-part series, we invite you to reach out to our PartSmart team today at techsupport@arinet.com.


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