Milwaukee, WI, (September 30, 2020) – ARI is streamlining the process of managing and addressing data issues and feedback from dealers, enabling OEMs to be more responsive with their dealer network while improving the quality and accuracy of their data. With the introduction of Data Assist to the PartSmart Connect platform, dealers can now report data issues directly to the OEM and receive data updates in real time, ensuring dealers always have access to the latest and most accurate data.

The OEM’s dealer network can easily submit data issues and feedback by using the Report an Issue option in PartSmart 10. The Data Assist module collects all issues submitted by dealers and makes them available to the OEM for review on the Data Assist dashboard.

Data Assist is a great addition to the PartSmart Connect platform that perfectly complements Data Manager and PartSmart, the core offerings in the product suite. With Data Assist, OEMs can receive data feedback from their dealers, make the necessary data corrections using Data Manager and then publish the data updates out to their entire dealer network, where the updates are immediately available in PartSmart. A process that previously required days or even weeks to achieve can now be completed in minutes. By accelerating turnaround times on data issues, OEMs can be more responsive with their dealer network, which increases dealer satisfaction and improves the dealer relationship.

“The Data Assist module transforms the way OEMs respond to data issues reported by their dealers by enabling them to quickly and efficiently address data issues across their entire dealer network,” says Billy Deane, Director of Product Management. “With Data Assist, OEMs now have the ability to greatly improve the quality and accuracy of their catalog data, reducing data errors for their dealers and increasing dealer satisfaction.”

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PartSmart Connect
PartSmart Connect is a turnkey, integrated suite of services that helps manufacturers leverage the power of their global dealer network to grow part sales, amplify their reach and better connect with their dealers. The platform offers integrated solutions for authoring and publishing catalog data, communicating with dealers and gaining insights into their dealer network – conveniently from one system.