PartSmart Suite

PartSmart Suite

Better Parts Lookup | Improve Aftersales Support | Drive Revenue



Electronic parts catalog & aftersales support solution

Exploded assembly views

  • Quickly identify the right part the first time
  • Graphically see the parts along with how they fit with other parts
  • See all equivalent parts and substitute in the correct part for the repair

All model information in one place

  • Image, specifications/attributes, manufacturer note, user notes, all associated literature, OEM recommended parts and frequently used parts
  • No more hunting through multiple systems to find all information to be used in a repair
  • Maintenace instructions, service bulletins, pictures, videos and 3D aminations are tied to the correct machines and parts

Detailed part information

  • Explore detailed and interactive diagrams and view model/part compatibility across multiple assemblies
  • Single location for all information that a technician needs to access for a repair
  • Part number, description, weights/measures, specifications/attributes, image, tech bulletins, animations and where the part is used


Parts lookup on your customer-facing website

Quickly establish a full-featured service parts catalog on your website with minimal effort

  • Give your consumers illustrated parts lookup on your own website - can tie into your existing Shopping Cart
  • Let consumers find and order the correct parts with an easy-to-use tool
  • The simplified parts lookup for the consumer increases conversion rates by making it easy for consumers to identify the right part and add it to their shopping cart

Modern design

  • Allow the consumer to shop on any device they want (smartphone, tablet or desktop) so that they can carry the device to the equipment, quickly and accurately identify it and add it to the shopping cart
  • The design maintains your branding, look and feel
  • Customers can search the way they are most comfortable with

Visually oriented layout

  • Assembly thumbnails, assembly drawings hyperlinked to parts and part images help shoppers quickly view the different assemblies and parts and choose the correct one
  • Prominently featured “Add to Cart” call to action improves conversion rates
  • Exploded views and parts list with both the original part and latest part to order


All the same features as PartStream, available in an API


Streamed data provides access to the most up-to-date manufacturer parts data available

  • Parts data at your fingertips
  • Access to industry leading OEM and aftermarket Electronic Parts Catalog content library via a simple monthly subscription service
  • Content from more than 125 manufacturers and 10 million part numbers and product SKUs

Create your own look and feel for parts lookup; no constraints in the presentation of the parts data

  • Exploded views and bills of material from manufacturers in an API format to be integrated with more robust e-commerce systems

Multiple search options (by Model, Part Description, Part Number or Hierarchy) give multiple options to have a consumer search

  • Access the most up-to-date content available – as soon as the OEM publishes, your data is updated as well
  • API feed gives you full access to a fully optimized OEM catalog data, including assembly drawings, associated parts lists, pricing supersessions, normalized fitment, part numbers, SKU descriptions, images, product organization and more
Data Manager

Data Manager

Parts content authoring

Create and maintain parts book content in one-third of the time compared to desktop publishing software

  • Instant access for your dealers to the latest genuine manufacturer parts and service information directly from you
  • With just a single click, publish to PartSmart, PartStream and DataSmart; accurate and timely parts and service content is delivered everywhere – your portal, your corporate site, distributors, dealers, eCommerce retailers and marketplaces – all in real time
  • Faster turnaround of parts and model changes to the field; more accurate data automatically flowing from your source material

Content generation

  • Generate content for both interactive online lookup and PDFs – all with one publishing effort
  • Create interactive service parts content automatically from your PLM system
  • Collect service parts information from multiple source systems, and review as a whole; ensure the most complete and accurate data available

Bring together all parts and service information from systems

  • Your parts and service information is spread across many systems; Data Manager gives you the ability to aggregate this into a cohesive set of data for display to your service technicians
  • Automatically handle part supersessions and design changes for a single part across everywhere it is used; you benefit by reducing your time while improving your data quality
  • Work in the way that suits you best (direct entry, import or API calls)

PDF Parts Book Generation Module

Generate polished parts books in PDF format

PDF Parts Book
  • Create and maintain parts book content in one-third of the time compared to desktop publishing software
  • Generates polished PDF parts book and feeds to other parts systems from one publishing effort, which provides significant time savings, plus consistent, quality content across all published systems
  • Create one or more print template(s), then choose a model and generate a PDF parts book


Real time feedback on content

  • Feedback mechanism from PartSmart users to technical publications people running Data Manager
  • Improves the quality, accuracy and timelines of parts and services content
  • Facilitates rapid resolution to content issues
  • The most direct communication mechanism from the servicing field to your tech pubs group, in which cases can be established, reviewed, published and quickly resolved


Marketing campaigns & communications through PartSmart

PartSmart Engage
  • Parts and service personnel use PartSmart all day, every day
  • Messaging is seen and acted upon in a timely manner
  • Open and conversion rates are well beyond traditional email marketing
  • Send marketing campaigns, promotions and general communications through PartSmart

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