Why did you choose AccessorySmart?

“We decided to go with ARI on a price incentive. Once we got in and started dealing with ARI, we were very happy with the support we were getting and the actual structure of the parts books.”

What type of feedback about AccessorySmart have you received from your team?

“Our team’s feedback has been phenomenal. At first we were reluctant to change our ways, but once we had more interaction with ARI we were able to remove our parts books and all the clutter that we would get on the counter and the organization was much, much easier using that system.”

Have your sales increased since implementing AccessorySmart?

“We have seen an increase with our PG&A, on top of a market increase. We’ve seen around a 10% gain in our volume and we’ve only been on the system for around a year.”

How has AccessorySmart impacted upsells with new units?

“With our system, we bring every customer who is purchasing a new vehicle up to our parts personnel, and they will go through a sales process. It gives the customer a lot more options that they can see. For instance: windshields on a side-by-side, coming from different vendors, and whether they’re half or full. On top of that, from a profitability point, we’re able to pick which one we’re going to make the most margin on and which has the most availability for the customer.”

What improvements have you seen since implementing AccessorySmart?

“By implementing AccessorySmart, we are seeing a much greater efficiency not only in our product ordering but our employee labor time. It’s taken away all the time and lack of efficiency by scrambling to find the right catalog and having the guy put it away in the wrong spot. Now it’s all in one spot and it’s all contained.”

Would you recommend AccessorySmart to other dealers?

“I actually presented it to my Spaeder 120 group and it was very, very well received. In fact, a lot of them are getting on board. They’ve had good reviews on it and I’m hoping that the rest of them jump on board.”