The 3 Things All Emails MUST Have to Be Successful

Whether you want to encourage customers to take advantage of a sale, invite customers to attend a demo, or simply inform customers of a change happening within your company, an email is the go-to tool for reaching a lot of people, in a short amount of time, for very little (if any) money.

Despite being a versatile tool that serves many different purposes, there are three things that all emails must have to be successful.


1. Attention-Grabbing Subject Line

The first (and arguably the most important) part of a successful email campaign is an attention-grabbing subject line. After all, if your subject line doesn’t drive people to open your email, the message inside it is useless! Stand out from the rest of the emails piling up in your customers’ inboxes by writing a subject line that catches their attention. Some tips on how to create a subject line that drives a high open rate:

A. Phrase the subject line as a question. Did you know…? Have you heard…? Can you believe…? Have you seen…? Are you attending…? Are you sure you want to miss out…?

B. Get your customers excited! Check out our sale…! The clock is ticking…! Don’t miss out on these great summer specials…! You’re invited…! Big news for XYZ dealership…!

C. Include a number. The 3 best lawnmowers for big yards… The top 10 ATVs in Colorado…. 5 of the most reliable walkers… The #1 yacht in America… Our 5 favorite winter tires… Just for you: 30% off… 50% off all used inventory…

D. Include a name merge field. If you have a clean email list and keep your CRM updated, consider adding a merge field to your email subject line to personalize the message. Hey John, have you seen our latest power tools? We think you’ll love our new selection of Can-Ams, Sue! When we saw this fishing boat, we thought of you, Gary. Have you thought about investing in a hospital bed, Mary?


2. Enticing Call-to-Action

Great, your subject line worked and the customer opened the email! But now, you have mere seconds to drive the action you want the customer to take. Keep the email short and sweet, include images (if applicable) and most importantly: add an obvious call-to-action! Do you want the customer to click through to your website? Include a “Check It Out” button. Visit a specific product page? Include a “View In-Stock Inventory” button. Sign up for a demo? Include a “Sign Up Now!” button. Think about what the email’s about, then make sure there’s some kind of action the customer can take. If your subject line was “50% off all used inventory” be sure to include a link or button to the used inventory section of your website! It’s critical that your email isn’t a “dead end.”


3. Value to the Customer

Finally, before you send the email, ask yourself: will my customers find value in this email? Make sure you’re including something that benefits your customers in every email you send them. Whether it’s an opportunity to save money, get the latest product before anyone else, see your inventory live in action, or experience a remodeled showroom, there has to be a value attached to the email. If there isn’t, you run the risk of the customer ignoring your future emails, or worse, unsubscribing from all future emails. Decide what value your email is to your customers, and make it obvious.


If you reached this blog through our latest HelpForce invitation email, you’ll see ARI practices what we preach. We include an attention-grabbing subject line that includes a number and a question (Do You Know the 3 Things All Emails MUST Have to Be Successful?). Our enticing call-to-action is front-and-center: a button that invites you to “CONTINUE READING” this informative blog. And finally, value to the customer: the opportunity to attend our free, educational HelpForce webinar: Get Better Results With Email Marketing, where our experts will share their tips and tricks on building successful email campaigns. We hope to see you there!