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We know that OEMs face a number of obstacles during the data publishing process. Creating, authoring and publishing parts catalogs is generally a slow, difficult and complex procedure. Not to mention when working with data existing in multiple file sources, such as PLM, CAD and ERP, it’s easy for errors and delays to occur. When you continuously work with systems that aren’t connected, you end up spending more time reviewing, customizing and modifying parts errors in parts diagrams and working with various data sources before actually getting to the publishing stage.

However, there is a solution that enables OEMs to avoid these issues altogether. Publishing software specially designed for OEMs allows you to work with SVG files, part files and other documents all in one single program, anywhere, anytime. Faster document completion means more data out the door ensures that dealers and customers always have access to your latest updates, and gives you a higher conversion rate for greater revenue and a bigger ROI.

With no required technical knowledge and minimal training, OEM data publishing software is designed to streamline the process. By eliminating the manual aspects, your team has more time to focus on quality, accuracy and structure. For example, having access to an import feature allows you to quickly import considerable amounts of data, saving you days (or potentially weeks) of work!

In addition to eliminating manual imports, automation also enhances your data publishing in several key ways. OEMs can now choose when, where and what data they want published. When diagrams are imported into the software, it will hot-spot automatically which simplifies and accelerates workflows, drastically improving accuracy and preventing tedious overtime. This automated process can optimize the collaboration of internal teams, process staging reviews and ensures deadline compliance.

If you’re ready to take advantage of this time-saving software, connect with the experts who can help! At ARI, we make data authoring and publishing easy with our Data Manager RT tool. Not only is Data Manager RT the hub for your business’s product information publishing and management, it also offers you the opportunity to expose your brand’s content to ARI’s audience of more than 26,000 dealer customers worldwide. To learn more about all that ARI’s Data Manager RT can do, click here or give us a call at 877.805.8003.