As a dealer, you sell more than one type of product, which means you market to more than one type of customer.

Different customer types have different objectives and desires. More than likely, they also are at different stages of the path to purchase.

For example, a first-time buyer who is browsing your units is not on the same page as a returning customer who’s on your site to look for a replacement part. Prospects, new customers and returning customers all need different levels of information and customer service from your team. So how can you engage each lead at the level they’re on and nurture them through the process of becoming a loyal customer?

Email Marketing
The solution is consistent, timely email marketing, which is one of the highest conversion-driving digital strategies ー more powerful than direct mail, social or online search. Email marketing allows you to segment your customer base into specific groups based on customer type and how they respond to your emails. In fact, segmented campaigns generate 760% more revenue than non-segmented*.

Here’s an example of how segmented email marketing achieves results: You send out a general email announcing your new line of inventory. With email marketing, you can track which audience members open the email, click on the link to your inventory listings and/or view a product but don’t make a purchase. With this information on hand, you can send another, separate email to these interested customers encouraging them to come back and complete their purchase. (If you so choose, you might include a discount code to sweeten the incentive.)

Additionally, those audience members who did follow through on a purchase can be added to a different email campaign that sends them regular tips and tricks regarding their new unit purchase.

Optimal Email Marketing Cadence
You may be wondering if there is a universal standard to how many marketing emails you should send in a week. The short answer is no ー optimal marketing email cadence depends on the nature of your emails and how well received they are by your audience. The longer answer is that a good rule of thumb is to send two emails per month, which generally generates the highest open rate**, and then build your cadence as your audience engagement increases. Consumers are willing to read marketing emails daily if each email carries value, but engagement will drop off if consumers feel they are being spammed with emails that don’t do one or more of the following: provide answers, solve stress points, deliver time-sensitive information or optimize the buying process.

Automated Email Marketing
The best way to hit an ideal cadence with your audience is to enlist automated email marketing, which messages each lead according to their behaviors. For example, a recent website visitor receives an email showing the last several units they viewed on your site, with an invitation to contact your dealership about these units. Or a recent buyer receives a follow-up email thanking them for their purchase and offering a discount if they return for a part or service in the next 90 days. The best part about an automated email marketing strategy is that each of these touchpoints take place without you having to manually get involved. This means the emails go out and the leads roll in while you focus on making sure every customer has a stellar in-store experience.

ARI’s digital marketing team specializes in optimizing customer relationships through email marketing. We would be happy to show you the ropes!

If you have questions about launching an email marketing campaign or would like to automate your marketing process, please feel free to contact ARI today!

*Campaign Monitor
**Database Marketing Institute