“We’ve been with ARI for a long time, and I’d definitely recommend them to anyone that’s looking for a new website company.I I think ARI could definitely advance their website and see an increase in sales and profits”​ – Justin Peterson, Sales Manager, J&J Marine


The ARI website allows customers to stay on the website, learn product information on the website and just keep them basically right at our website instead of going to another competitor or another brand’s website. “Our website is a great asset. Obviously our customers are going on it, so we need them to be engaged immediately when they see it, and I think that they are. I think that it’s easy to navigate, and it can answer a lot of questions,” said parts manager Travis Buranen.​


“Just in the past year or two, we’ve done some SEO work, and we’ve found out that there are several more J&J Marines throughout the United States, so we’ve recently received a lot of calls from the southern states,” said sales manager Justin Peterson. “It helps us to know we’re at the top of the list, and people are calling us without looking any further. By working with ARI, we want to refine all of that and direct more customers to the J&J Marine in South Haven and keep everything more local in the area we’re trying to target.”​


Peterson and Buranen credit their ARI customer success manager for helping them get the most out of their ARI solutions. With support from their customer success manager, they feel they have been able to see their company grow. “Our rep is there for us. He’s not just there to make money, he’s there to help us succeed in our business and grow our website, grow our company itself,” said Peterson. “He definitely tries to make everything better. He’s been encouraging us to upgrade our website for the last year, and he’s been persistent. He points out all the good points and shows you where you’re lacking, which I think helps, especially with us. We don’t have a lot of time to go out and find out about new products on our own. He does all the legwork and basically tells us what we should do.”