“Our previous platform required our service providers to use two different systems, and it was far more common that they’d need support along the way. Since we switched, I surveyed 360 registered users with a response rate of nearly 50%. The participants gave PartStream 97% favorable remarks on its function and use,” – Keith Kuphal, Consumer and Technical Service Manager for Johnson Outdoors


ARI’s PartStream has allowed Johnson Outdoors to give their customers the tools they need to conveniently identify and purchase parts online. Dealers and consumers can order new parts quickly and easily, ensuring that Johnson Outdoors is their go-to source for all their replacement part needs.

“One of the things that we were afraid of was that customers wouldn’t find the right part and then come back frustrated. That’s not the case at all. Customers are finding what they need the first time around and not having to come back to us for added help. It really is a win-win situation,” says Kuphal.


Johnson Outdoors’ relationship with the ARI team is built on communication and their dedication to constant improvement. According to Kuphal, the ARI team is always striving to help Johnson Outdoors reach their business goals.

“I’m constantly adding new content and updates to our PartStream, and my ARI account manager is always able to help. As we’re looking at reformatting content and updating our manuals and parts drawings, I can always send my ideas or changes we need, and my ARI account manager can always provide the options available to us to better serve our goals. They help me to make the best possible and balanced decision for our business,” says Kuphal.

Kuphal is very happy with the results Johnson Outdoors has seen with ARI’s PartStream and noted that he would gladly recommend it.

“We’re regularly asked about our parts viewer tool, and I can’t speak more highly of the ease that PartStream has provided us,” says Kuphal.

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