“We had a decent website before, but since coming to ARI six or seven years ago, it’s improved dramatically. It seems like they’re constantly adding new things to improve the website and make life easier for the dealer,” says Schroeder. “We use Polaris co-op money toward our website with ARI. It helps offset the cost, and it’s so worth the investment.”


ARI’s dealer website platform has a variety of features that make life easier for Schroeder and his team. They’re able to quickly and easily manage leads and promote units directly from their website’s Command Center which has helped as their business continues to grow. By July 2016, Hayward Powersports had received as many online leads as they did in all of 2015.

“We get inbound leads on our website daily, and I think it’s partially to do with the different types of leads they allow to come in. We get leads from customers browsing our inventory, asking when something might be available or requesting information on a trade-in. All of these opportunities keep leads pouring in every day,” says Schroeder. “I also love the OEM promotional banners that they have. It’s easy to click and drop them in for a promotion that’s going on or just for a general Polaris machine that you want to promote. You can click it, select the date that you want it to run, and just put it up there. It makes life very easy.”


With today’s digital path to purchase, Schroeder thinks it’s more important than ever to have a solid online presence. Working with ARI helps Hayward Powersports meet shoppers where they’re looking first – online.

“The shopping market has changed a lot in the last 10 years or so. It’s very important to have an online presence and keep that going. It used to be that the brick-and-mortar store was where you first met the customer, but now they’re finding you and meeting online through your advertising, your social media and your website before you even see them,” says Schroeder. “It’s super important now to keep your online presence up to date, keep it fresh and clean looking and very easy to use. ARI has definitely helped us with that, because it is so important these days, and any kind of extra edge you can get in that direction is just great.”


Schroeder invested some of his Polaris co-op money into his ARI-powered website and has been able to cut down the amount of time and effort he spent managing his online presence.

“I would definitely recommend other Polaris dealers use ARI,” says Schroeder. “I spent a lot of time and effort on our website and social media, and with ARI, I’ve cut that down a lot. They’ve made it much easier for me. Working with ARI is a great investment of your Polaris co-op money. It helps you out a ton.”

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