We have a public service announcement regarding your dealership’s digital marketing potential!

Recently, we reviewed the basics of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which features your content in paid ads at the top of search results. Now we’ll offer some tips on how you can move your advertising strategy beyond search engines to get in front of leads on other digital platforms.

While search engines are key to your digital marketing success due to their high volume of online traffic and endless advertising opportunities, they are not the only platforms on which you can promote your dealership and drive consumer interest. Targeted Digital Advertising (TDA) expands your advertising reach beyond search engines to reach qualified leads on other websites, social marketing platforms and more.

The amazing capabilities of TDA include:

Website Retargeting
Reconnect with previous website visitors by advertising to them as they browse on other websites. Shoppers who were excited enough about your inventory to check out your website once will be more likely to return if they saw an ad for your brand.

Behavioral Targeting
Have you ever searched online for a product and then continued to see advertisements for that product as you browsed the internet or scrolled through social media?

Behavioral Targeting analyzes keyword usage in online searches and advertises to shoppers who use keywords or read digital content that relates to the units you sell. For example, let’s say you’re an outdoor power equipment dealer (DISCLAIMER: The industry featured here is just an example. Behavioral Targeting works for ALL dealership types) and someone in your community reads a few online articles about spring lawn care essentials. Because they interacted with online content that matches your OPE inventory, your Behavioral Targeting campaign can then begin sending them advertisements for your current inventory, as well as any special promos or services you may be running.

In essence, Behavioral Targeting puts your brand content in front of people whose online behavior has indicated that they would have a strong interest in your dealership.

Geofence Targeting
You can also identify likely prospects based on physical locations they have visited. With Geofence Targeting, you create a custom circumference around a specific geographic region, such as a competing dealership, and feature your advertisements to people who are currently visiting that location. You can continue to advertise to these leads up to 30 days after their visit to encourage them to connect with your dealership.

Video & OTT/CTV Advertising
These days, more and more people are choosing to stream media through devices such as smartphones, smart TVS, Rokus and gaming consoles versus subscribing to traditional cable. This means that the standard TV advertisement is no longer as effective as it used to be. Instead of paying for a costly TV commercial that can be skipped and fast-forwarded through, you can reach a higher volume of prospects by creating video ads for the streaming platforms and devices that your potential customers prefer to use.

Targeted Digital Advertising generates significant results on its own, and it’s even more powerful when combined with ARI’s other digital marketing toolsーSearch Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. Together, these services create a well-rounded approach to reaching new customers wherever they are shopping, online and offline.

To learn more about best practices for launching a Targeted Digital Advertising campaign, connect with ARI today.