ARI is committed to providing you with exemplary digital tools to make your brand memorable to your consumers.

We are pleased to offer a full suite of marketing and retailing solutions that have had a significant impact on dealerships around the globe.

Recently, we asked dealers and team members to share their favorite ARI products, and we have crafted a master list of the results, along with their winning benefits.

360° Walkaround Application
Post-pandemic, the majority of consumers are shopping from the comfort of their couches. However, just because shoppers are not coming to your store from the get-to, it doesn’t mean you can’t bring your store to them!

Our 360° walkaround application, DealerPic360, captures a full-spin view of the exterior and interior of a unit, making shoppers feel like they are experiencing your inventory up close, no matter where they’re located. Viewing a unit from all angles provides multiple benefits for you and your shoppers, including highlighting product details, building customer trust, improving product visibility and enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Search Engine Marketing
The fundamental purpose of SEM is to get your dealership found by as many shoppers as possible. But not just any shoppers ー the right shoppers, who are going to make a purchase.

From search engines to social media, SEM displays your paid ad content wherever promising leads are browsing. Paid search ads run 24/7, targeting highly promising leads and providing your dealership with a reduced cost per clicks. Because ads can be paused at any time, you can ensure your shoppers only see advertisements for inventory that’s currently available.

Bonus tip: If you don’t have units on the lot, you can run ads for pre-orders or promote other profit sectors of your store, such as parts and repairs.

Search Engine Optimization
SEO is the foundation of website success. In order for your dealership to stand out among the competition, it is imperative to have a powerful online presence on search engines and other highly trafficked platforms. Every potential customer starts their buying cycle on a search engine, and SEO makes sure those customers find YOU, not your competitors.

ARI’s SEO experts create a unique game plan to increase quality and quantity of website traffic, including analyzing your website’s current search ranking and identifying high-ranking keywords that connect with your shoppers’ online searches.

PartSmart 10
As the next generation in digital parts lookup, PartSmart 10 is making it easier than ever to access the latest and greatest in manufacturer data. With new state-of-the-art web architecture and a powerful search engine, PartSmart 10 provides a faster experience and faster checkout for you and your shoppers.

Our web-based application offers 24/7 availability, precise search capability, real-time catalog updates, high-quality images, detailed diagrams and more to help you find and sell the right part every time.

Premium Text
Phone calls are being replaced by the convenience of texting, especially between businesses and their customers. If you are on the fence about texting your prospects and customers, keep in mind that text messages have the highest open rate of any digital communication tool. Texting appeals to shoppers because they can chat with your team anytime, anywhere.

ARI launched Premium Text in 2021 as a means to manage communication and streamline important customer touchpoints. It also presents new digital possibilities for dealers, such as directing customers to the right department, accepting down payments on a unit and following up with buyers after a purchase.

Automated Email Marketing
With your website live and your digital marketing up and running, you have done the legwork to get your dealership found. Now it’s time to make sure you aren’t missing opportunities to keep your shoppers coming back. You see, only a small fraction of first-time visitors convert (ie, make a purchase). In order to re-engage previous visitors, you need to know what caught their interest on your site.

ARI’s latest digital solution, Automated Email Marketing, tracks website visitors and sends them high-quality email content based on their visit. These automated emails ensure that your content engages individual leads at the right time, every time, throughout their buying journey.

Manually posting to third-party selling platforms can take a lot of time that your busy work schedule doesn’t allow. An automated third-party listing tool will push your inventory listings from your website to popular sales platforms, where they can be viewed by millions of potential customers.

Auction123 is a powerful online marketing suite that helps dealers connect with interested shoppers on Facebook Marketplace, eBay and Craigslist. The automated listing process creates eye-catching ads of your available inventory and ensures shoppers only see units that are on your lot.

Facebook Marketplace Posting Tool
Recently, Facebook ceased showing inventory from Partner Catalog Feeds on Marketplace. To ensure your Facebook leads continue to see your inventory offerings, ARI partnered with Auction123 to launch our Facebook Marketplace Posting Tool.

This tool bypasses having to download images, find vehicle data and manually enter all the information. You can select the inventory listings you want to feature and let the tool run in the background while you focus on other tasks. Use the Facebook Marketplace Posting Tool to view the date and posting status of each listing, remove sold listings and select from multiple Facebook pages (if your dealership has more than one).

Live Web Chat
Live web chat benefits shoppers and dealers alike by creating an instantaneous support line for shoppers while allowing dealers to understand and address shopper needs in the moment. Being able to address shopper pain points and provide an immediate solution ー objectively for multiple shoppers at a time, as your team can multitask on several chats ー is invaluable to your dealership.

Our live web chat tool, ChatBridge™, connects dealers with online shoppers who are actively browsing their websites. With live chat, your team can connect with website visitors in real time, route chats to available agents in your store and even pre-arrange chats with your customers.

Reputation Management
Considering a customers’ first interaction with a dealership will be online, their initial interaction with your dealership will likely be in the form of reading online reviews. And with so many businesses now competing online, your dealership’s reputation matters more than ever.

ARI’s Reputation Management service increases your brand equity by pushing five-star reviews from third-party sites like Google and Yelp to your dealership. Additionally, we provide reputation monitoring to keep your dealership informed on how consumers feel about your brand. Tracking your brand equity is key to ensuring your dealership perpetually puts its best foot forward.

Premium Directory Management
While it’s easy to stay in control of your business information on your website, third-party sites like Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook and other prominent platforms can be difficult to manage efficiently. Unfortunately, listing errors are common among businesses, especially for brands managing multiple online directories.

To ensure you stay at the forefront of your dealership’s information, we recommend enlisting automation tools that streamline your directory listings. Premium Directory Management cleans up listings and provides accurate store information across more than 150 digital directories so that your shoppers receive reliable info no matter where they look.

Mobile Inventory Application
Being able to list your full inventory online is a must in order to capture consumer interest and drive traffic to your website. We understand that manually uploading inventory to your website from your computer can be time-consuming and often needs to take a backseat to more pressing tasks.

Our Mobile Inventory Application is designed to simplify major unit inventory management for your website. The app means you can forgo your computer and use your mobile device to manage and update inventory, auto-populate stock photos and OEM specifications from our data library or upload unique photos, sort inventory by category and share listings via email, text message or social media.

Thank you for taking the time to meet our top 12 lead-driving products. It’s our pleasure to provide our dealer partners with tools and support designed specifically to drive more leads and sales at less effort to your sales team.

If you have any questions regarding our digital services or would like to schedule a demo with our experts, please contact ARI today.