Previously we covered the basics of Targeted Digital Advertising (TDA), including Geofence Targeting.

Now, we would like to focus on the power and potential of Geofence Targeting to enhance the volume and quality of your online lead generation.

If you are unfamiliar with Geofence Targeting and how it can help you more effectively market your dealership, here is a quick summary:

Geofence Targeting draws a geographical circle around a physical location, such as your main competitor’s dealership, and displays your ads to people who visit that location. Shoppers may see the ads on their mobile device while they are standing in that location, or view the ads while scrolling through social media up to 30 days after their visit.

To better illustrate the results that Geofence Targeting can bring to your digital marketing strategy, let’s consider a hypothetical use of the tool. You, the dealer, want to increase community awareness of your dealership and generate more traffic to your store, both online and offline. You may choose to geofence one or more of the following location types:

Parts & Repair Shops
Visitors to those stores are most likely shopping for parts and services that they could receive at your business. While they’re at the store, there’s a good chance they will pull out their phone to research a product or scroll through social media while they await service, and they will encounter an add for your dealership.

If the shopper has not had a completely satisfactory experience at their current location, they may decide to check out your dealership next. Even if they don’t drive to your dealership or visit your website that same day, they will continue to see your ads for up to thirty days following their shopping trip, encouraging them to visit you the next time they are in need of a new part or repair.

Neighborhoods, Offices & Leisure Locations
Geofencing can reach consumers even before they have taken action to begin the shopping process. Consider where your most likely customers are coming from. For example, if you sell outdoor power equipment, you may find that targeting local neighborhoods gets your inventory in front of property owners who need to keep their lawns maintained. Or you can connect with owners of landscaping companies. As a powersports or marine dealer, you can intercept bike and boat enthusiasts while they are at home, at the office, on the lake or enjoying their favorite riding trail.

Competing Dealerships
You can even connect with leads while they are standing on the sales floor of your local competitor. Whether or not they decide to contact your dealership before making their intended purchase, they certainly will be aware of your dealership when they are ready to purchase again.

Wherever you choose to geofence your online ads, the Geofence Targeting tool presents dealerships with highly valuable opportunities to catch the attention of shoppers whose current location indicates they would have a high interest in your inventory and services. Geofence Targeting takes your marketing efforts further by leveraging online and offline behavior to connect your brands with the most promising leads.

We invite you to connect with ARI today to learn what Geofence Targeting can do for your dealership!