Today’s shoppers want the buying process to be efficient and convenient.

ARI’s Payment Genie tool allows shoppers to calculate monthly payment options for their desired unit directly on your website and complete a significant piece of the financing process completely online.


This Recreation Dealer Significantly Reduced Their Time to Sale with Payment Genie

Dealers can capture a higher volume of qualified leads and convert them into buyers faster by providing a seamless digital experience. One recreation dealer in particular, who launched Payment Genie in August 2022, found that the digital calculation process funneled shoppers through the buying process at a much faster rate.

On the very first day that Payment Genie went live on their website, the dealership secured four interested shoppers who each made a purchase in under 30 days. In the past, the process had typically required multiple months to result in a sale.


“When you can see [the payment calculation] right in front of you, it makes the purchase a lot easier. … People have come in and said, ‘Wow, this was really helpful to me.’”

– Recreation Dealer, Payment Genie customer since August 2022


Consumers Expect a Seamless Digital Payment Process

Cox Automotive ran a study that revealed 98% of consumers want to complete the majority of the buying process online. This includes the ability to calculate the cost of their dream unit before they visit the dealership. The expectation for transparent, accurate pricing tools stems from the impact of eCommerce megabrands such as Walmart and Amazon, who offer fully digitized buying journeys.

The purpose of Payment Genie is to equip dealers with an integrated and streamlined payment calculation tool that accelerates the path to purchase for qualified leads. Payment Genie simplifies the payment process by giving shoppers the power to view accurate payments based on your dealership’s lender rates, as well as their own down payments, credit tier and preferred term.

Payment Genie fulfills consumers’ expectations for a seamless online experience and in return improves the results of your sales strategy:

  • Convenience: Payment Genie helps consumers find the right price for their budget without shopping around at multiple dealerships.
  • Customization: Every budget is different, and shoppers want the freedom to customize their monthly payments according to their personal credit, the value of a trade-in unit and more.
  • Transparent pricing: Consumers are unlikely to call your dealership and inquire about the price of a unit. They want to shop for prices right on your website.
  • Better results: You can drive greater sales leads and earn yourself a competitive advantage by providing your shoppers with a comprehensive payment calculation tool that makes their buying journey easier.


Extensive Dealer Success

Many dealers are already driving greater business with Payment Genie. Between June 2022 and March 2023, more than 1,600 dealers collectively produced the following results:

  • 560,000+ Opens
  • 50% More Lead Conversions
  • 27% Submission Rate
  • 60% More Sales-Qualified Leads


Payment Genie grants your shoppers greater convenience and personalization in their buying journeys, improving their overall satisfaction and earning your dealership more repeat business.