A 2020 Facebook report revealed that two-thirds of Facebook users visit a local business’ Facebook page at least once a week.

If your dealership is going to sell online, mastering your Facebook presence is key. While Facebook has 2.8 billion monthly users, tapping into this extensive market audience requires more than just luck.

Your dealership’s Facebook page is the hub of your Facebook strategy, and it should serve to draw in promising leads. Creating a compelling Facebook business page is more than adding a photo and a couple of posts. You need to have a comprehensive strategy to draw in customers and convince them to Like and engage with your content.

Building Out Your Facebook Business Page
Start with an actual Facebook Business Page. Don’t create a personal profile for your brand. Personal profiles lack the content tools that make a business page so robust. Additionally, visitors wouldn’t be able to interact with your page without first sending you a friend request, which creates a significant roadblock to engagement.

Choose the right profile picture. Your photo needs to be an accurate representation of your brand, such as your logo, to make your page recognizable. Choose a photo that has the right dimensions and a high resolution to properly fit the frame. Keep in mind that profile pictures are 170×170 pixels on a desktop computer and 128×128 pixels on a smartphone.

Make your cover photo engaging. Your cover photo is the large image that lives at the top of your profile page and is one of the first features that visitors notice. Upon landing on your page, they should be met with a high-quality photo that’s relevant to your brand, such as your logo, dealership, team members or an industry image.

Add a call-to-action button under your cover photo. Facebook offers multiple CTA options to motivate visitors to take action – either by visiting your website or viewing your third-party listings. By clicking the “Add a Button” option on your business page, you can create a CTA such as “Shop Now” and add a URL.

Complete your “About” page. Prospects want to learn more about you, and your About page helps them do so. Create brief, description copy to address the most important aspects of your dealership – general description, store information, and your mission or brand background. This is also a great section to share your milestones and achievements, such as your awards, major events and the founding of your store.

Post content with intention. Decide how often you will post on your business page – ideally two to three times per week. You can use an editorial calendar to plan posts in advance and then pre-schedule them using Facebook’s posting tool. If you have an important post that you don’t want to get lost on your timeline, pin it to the top of your page to be seen by more visitors.

Use Facebook’s targeting tools. Facebook offers an unmatched targeting tool to get your content in front of specific audiences. Choose by demographic, age, location, interests, etc. to ensure your posts are seen by people who are likely to enjoy your content.

Enable messaging on your page. Make it incredibly easy for prospects to contact you from your Facebook page. Keep an eye on your post comments and Messenger and set a goal to follow up with prospects within 24 hours.

Promote your page. Now that your dealership business page is ready, help your prospects find it by creating an ad that promotes your brand. Start with a goal in mind, such as extending your reach, increasing brand awareness or driving more traffic to your page. Set your target audience and your ad budget and create a line or two of copy to drive customers to action.

These steps are a great way to build and boost your dealership’s Facebook page. Don’t set and forget your page – keep it alive and thriving with regular posts. Check in regularly to answer messages and track how your audience is responding to your content. That will help you keep your page growing in the right direction.

Do you have questions about making the most of your dealership’s Facebook page? Connect with ARI today for some industry-specific insights from our digital experts!