Is your website optimized for mobile search?

If not, keep reading!

Consumerism has been shifting toward mobile shopping for years, but the events of 2020 fast-tracked the progression and created mass change in just a few months. Mobile search accounted for almost 79% of global traffic last year, which means that websites not well-optimized for mobile have missed more than three-quarters of their potential traffic. That’s a lot of lost leads!

Why does mobile search matter so much?

Today’s dealership customers follow the modern consumer trend of on-the-go browsing一essentially, they browse the internet whenever they have downtime (during a commute, standing in line for service, running errands, etc.)一which is best supported by a mobile device. Dealership customers also skim content and will only spend about 59 seconds on a website to find what they’re looking for before they move on. Furthermore, it only takes browsers a fraction of a second to determine whether a website will offer them a good experience, and that’s where mobile optimization is crucial. 

Mobile optimization means having a website that’s built with responsive design, or design that automatically adapts your webpage layout to the screen size and orientation of any device, from a desktop computer to a tablet or smartphone or even a smart TV! When done properly, responsive design intuitively prioritizes your most important content for mobile viewers so that they don’t have to scroll far to find call-to-action buttons, lead forms or your contact information.

And speaking of contact information, is yours featured on more digital platforms than just your website? Many mobile shoppers are “search engine browsers,” which means they look for information on the search engine results page itself instead of clicking on websites. Along with ensuring that your website platform is compatible with mobile search, it’s important that your dealership’s online business listings are present and up to date so that prospects can easily find and contact your business. When it comes to local shopping, mobile browsers are the majority! Google’s “near me” searches on mobile have increased 250% since 2017. This is especially noteworthy because 88% of shoppers who search for a business from a mobile device contact that business within 24 hours.

Mobile optimization doesn’t stop at your website or online listings.

It can also make all the difference for your paid search! Have you noticed that when you perform an online search on a desktop or laptop screen you are shown several paid ad slots, as well as some organic results, without having to scroll down? Well, this is not the case on a mobile device一most screens only have the space to show one or two top results, and you must scroll to see the rest. This means that only the top search results may be viewed by mobile users. By utilizing Search Engine Marketing (SEM), you can feature your latest inventory, seasonal promotions and more at the top of search results so that your content is the first thing mobile shoppers see when they submit a search query that’s relevant to your business.

With more than half of online searches taking place on a mobile device, your website must be able to accommodate mobile shoppers. Responsive website design adapts your layout and content to any screen size to ensure customers enjoy an optimal browsing experience. Additionally, up-to-date business listings and powerful paid ads enhance your dealership’s online presence to draw more mobile leads to your website, where they can browse to their hearts’ content and connect with your sales team!

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