The holiday sales season is upon us.

With Black Friday and the consecutive sales opportunities just around the corner, your shoppers are gearing up to make their holiday purchases.

We hope you are gearing up to get in front of these eager buyers. Getting a proactive start on your holiday sales strategy helps you take the lead ahead of the competition and ensure that prospects choose your dealership to fulfill their purchase needs. Here are four strategies to increase your brand visibility and help your shoppers find the right gift at your dealership.

1. Holiday e-Catalogs
The holidays bring in a lot of consumers who aren’t your typical customers. For example, a motorcycle dealer may see a lot of website and foot traffic of non-bikers who are looking for the perfect gift to give the biker in their life. Help these newcomers choose something of value by sharing gift guide e-catalogs on your website (such as “The 2021 Ultimate Gift Guide for Bikers”) full of the parts, accessories, garments and more that you know industry enthusiasts will love. Shoppers will appreciate the convenience of browsing numerous gift options on your website, and you can earn a whole new demographic of customers.

2. Paid Ads
Paid advertisements are a great way to put your brand in front of shoppers who are in the early stages of their holiday shopping. Create advertisements that are ultra-relevant to the current holiday atmosphere by incorporating holiday-related keywords and holiday-themed designs on platforms such as Google, Facebook and other popular browsing sites.

Today’s shoppers are in a hurry and will do their best to fast-track their online search time by entering specific search keywords to generate the most accurate list of website results. Help busy shoppers find the products at your dealership that best meet their needs by including holiday-related keywords on your ad copy. These could include keywords such as “best gifts,” “stocking stuffer” and “gifts for him/her.”

Bonus tip: Create a retargeting campaign so that your ads will “follow” your target audience to other Internet sites and serve as a constant reminder of your fantastic holiday sales and exciting inventory.

3. Videos
Videos that demo your inventory and dealership create a very persuasive medium for shoppers, who are very receptive to visual content. The holidays are a perfect time to create videos featuring your latest inventory or seasonal accessories for your major unit lineups. These videos don’t have to be Hollywood productions. You can use a camera or your smartphone to capture a minute or two of video featuring your hottest accessories (for example, “3 Must-Haves for Any Snowmobile”). Post your videos on social media with a link to your website so that viewers can jump over to your platform to view the featured inventory.

4. Gift Cards
We all know someone who likes to pick out their own gifts and prefers gift cards over the actual product. Consider offering gift cards on your website or social media for shoppers who want to make a payment now and let their friend or family member pick out the gift later. Gift card promotions are as easy as creating a banner graphic for your website and sharing it to your social media.

Bonus tip: If your dealership is still feeling the effects of a supply chain shortage, gift cards are a good alternative gift for customers who have their hearts set on a unit that isn’t on the lot right now.

Get ahead of the holiday clamor by creating strategies now that grab shoppers’ attention. With an early start, you can avoid missing out on potential sales during the holidays. Make sure your solutions meet the needs of shoppers by simplifying the customer experience and making it as easy as possible to find the perfect gift.

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