Payment Genie

Drive More Qualified Leads

By personalizing the payment calculation process, you can funnel ready-to-buy shoppers to your dealership.

More than 1,600 dealers achieved these collective results after launching Payment Genie on their websites between June 2022 and March 2023:

  • 560,000+ Opens
  • 50% Increase in Lead Conversions
  • 27% Submission Rate
  • 60% Increase in Sales-Qualified Leads

More consumers are shopping online and expecting a seamless, convenient buying experience. Payment Genie allows shoppers to simply select a unit from the Vehicle Detail Page (VDP), determine the monthly payment and progress to your dealership for the final sale.

98% of consumers want to spend most or all of the shopping process online. 1

Payment Genie meets shoppers' expectations for a fully digital shopping experience by allowing them to calculate their monthly payments ahead of visiting the dealership.

Turn More Browsers into Buyers

Personalized, affordable monthly payments show shoppers they can afford their dream unit, converting website visitors into buyers.


Drive Greater Lead Quality

Your sales team can spend more time with leads who have provided their relevant payment information and are already self-qualified.

Accurate Calculations

Payment calculations are based on current bank rates, as well as the consumer’s credit range, down payment and preferred term.


Time Saving

Digital finance calculations significantly reduce the in-store payment requirements, allowing your shoppers to progress through the sales process faster.

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