Milwaukee, WI, (September 30, 2020) – ARI has expanded their new cloud-based product suite, PartSmart Connect, with the introduction of a new marketing and dealer engagement module. With PartSmart Engage, OEMs can send targeted campaigns out to PartSmart 10, the mission-critical parts lookup tool that dealers access daily, while measuring the performance of those campaigns in realtime from PartSmart Engage.

The PartSmart Engage module simplifies the process of creating marketing campaigns. Within minutes, OEMs can create and publish company and product updates, promote dealer programs and part specials, or share video trainings and other media out to their network of dealers and customers. PartSmart Engage makes it easy to repurpose existing marketing collaterals or to build a new campaign from scratch.

OEMs can send marketing campaigns to their entire dealer network or fine-tune their audience targeting to accurately reach their intended audience. With PartSmart 10 being available online and on more devices, OEMs can use PartSmart Engage to consistently reach more of their audience. The enhanced reporting capabilities in PartSmart Engage allow OEMs to view key performance indicators across all campaigns and measure campaign performance in real-time, with visibility into key metrics such as user views and conversions.

“PartSmart Engage is a must-have tool for OEMs to improve dealer engagement, communications, and training,” says Billy Deane, Director of Product Management. “We’re seeing strong engagement from dealers when a campaign goes out to PartSmart 10, much higher than email and social media, since dealers are in PartSmart all day long. The bottom line of PartSmart Engage is that it offers OEMs a newer and more effective method for reaching and engaging with their dealer and customer network than they’ve ever had before.”

About ARI Network Services
ARI offers an award-winning suite of SaaS, software tools, and marketing services to help dealers, equipment manufacturers and distributors in selected vertical markets sell more inventory – online and in-store. More than 23,500 equipment dealers, 195 distributors and 3,360 brands worldwide leverage the company’s web and e-catalog platforms.

About PartSmart Connect

PartSmart Connect
PartSmart Connect is a turnkey, integrated suite of services that helps manufacturers leverage the power of their global dealer network to grow part sales, amplify their reach and better connect with their dealers. The platform offers integrated solutions for authoring and publishing catalog data, communicating with dealers and gaining insights into their dealer network – conveniently from one system.