Automated Email Marketing

Convert Website Visitors into Prospects

Automatically engage qualified leads at the right time with the right messaging.

Automated Email Marketing (AEM) tracks your website visitors’ actions and automatically follows up with leads who express interest in a unit, sending them custom emails tailored to their actions.

Automated emails drive 320% more revenue than traditional email marketing by delivering a personal shopping experience.¹

AEM can help you frame the digital path to purchase, with customized email strategies such as:

Increase Website Traffic

Turn interested leads into prospective buyers by sending them unit listings that match their interests and are linked to your VDP.

Increase web traffic

Retarget Website Visitors

Retarget bounced leads (website visitors who didn’t convert) and encourage them to revisit the units that caught their interest.

Retarget website visitors

Drive Sales with Custom Offers

Custom offers encourage leads to connect with your dealership to satisfy their interest in unit listings and service offerings.

Drive sales with custom offers

Increase Profits for Other Sectors

Turn buyers into long-term customers by re-engaging your previous customer base and sending PG&A and maintenance offers.

Increase profits for other sectors

Turn Previous Buyers into New Sales Leads

Drive previous buyers back into your sales funnel with personalized offers to buy back their old unit or trade for an upgrade.

Turn previous buyers into new sales leads

Regularly Market to Your Customer Base

Routinely engage your full audience to market new inventory arrivals, promote additional services and share exciting news.

Regular market to your customer base

Re-engage Leads with Automated Unit Alerts

Collect customer information and encourage leads to return and purchase by sending automated email and text updates when prices drop, new inventory arrives or other changes occur.

Automated Unit Alert

See How Portside Marine Achieved Success with Automated Email Marketing

Portside Marine launched Automated Email Marketing in August 2022 and has since seen a 22.5% increase in website leads and 61.3% increase in sessions.

“I think [Automated Email Marketing] is the best marketing that ARI has to offer, hands down. I think it’s effortless, it’s straightforward, and there really is not a whole lot to it, as far as the person managing it within a dealership.”

- Portside Marine, Automated Email Marketing Customer

We will coach your team on launching our easy-to-use Automated Email Marketing software and provide in-depth email analytics to help you keep your marketing strategy optimized.

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