Search Engine Marketing

Dominate the Search Engines

Engage qualified leads at the top of search engine results and drive them to your online inventory.

SEM features targeted ads at the top of relevant search results to drive highly targeted traffic to your website.


Does your website reach 90% of online users who never scroll past the first page of search engine results?

We create and refine personalized ads every month to maximize the quantity and quality of your website traffic. Options for your SEM strategy include:

Text & Display Ads

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Dynamic Remarketing Ads

AI-Optimized Ad Strategy

Unique Ads for Every Unit

Monthly Analytics & Reporting

The outcome of your SEM tactics is discussed with you on a monthly reporting call, where we strategize with you on what changes we recommend should be made to your SEM account. We ensure your ads continue to perform at the top of their game through strategies such as:

Performing A/B testing on ads

Choosing keywords based on previous data

Advertising individual inventory pieces

Reflecting your dealership initiatives in campaigns

You can also view a breakdown of leads that came from your AdWords campaign on the Admin Panel of your site.

Get in front of search engine users and direct them straight to your website or inventory listings.