Grow Your Parts Sales and Increase Engagement with Dealers and Customers

- Industry Leading Interactive Part Catalog Tools
- Go Beyond to an After-Sale Support Portal
- Display Anywhere
- Directly Communicate with Your Dealers

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Industry Leading Interactive Part Catalog Tools

– Instant access for your dealers to the latest genuine manufacturer parts and service information directly from you
– Enable dealers to quickly find models and parts across all catalogs using our best in class Google-like smart search with as-you-type suggestions
– Your data updates are available moments after you make the change when paired with ARI’s Data Manager RT

Go Beyond to an After-Sale Support Portal

– Help service personnel with maintenance instructions, technical bulletins, pictures, videos, and 3D animations
– Combat will-fitters with better content to fully maintain your equipment
– Capture a larger percentage of the total available market for parts

Display Anywhere

– PartSmart adapts to fit the screen of any device- whether mobile, tablet or computer
– Enable the servicer to use the tool they are most comfortable using

Directly Communicate with Your Dealers and Customers

– Using the PartSmart Engage Module you can share company and product updates, and even highlight and market certain parts and models
– Send targeted messages to groups of dealers for precise marketing
– Highlight dealer programs and part promotions to greatly increase dealer engagement while also growing part sales

Address Data Issues and Feedback from Dealers in Real Time

  • Through Data Assist, you can view any data issues that dealers are encountering and quickly push data updates out to your dealer network
  • Accelerate the turnaround time on data corrections and updates by publishing changes in minutes—a process that used to take days or weeks
  • Improve the quality and accuracy of catalog data to increase dealer satisfaction and loyalty

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