Dealer Q&A: How Can I Grow My Facebook Following?

ARI’s director of product marketing, Bill Wagner, answers real dealer questions in this semi-regular blog feature. Using-smartphoneKeep reading for Bill’s suggestions for how dealers can grow their Facebook following.

My dealership is in a fairly large city, but our Facebook page only has about 70 likes. The page has been up for over a year. What can we do to increase our number of Facebook followers?

I’ll make my best attempt to answer your question. But, before I start, I’d like to respond with a question for you to think about: Why do you have the goal of increasing the number of viewers for your Facebook-related activity? Answering that question will allow you to pick the tactics that can provide the best return for your business. Don’t chase more likes just to get more likes, focus instead on using Facebook as a tool to help promote your business and engage your local market. Continue reading

Not Paying for Social Media Ads? You Could Be Missing Out!

Using computer with chartsIf you’re not spending at least a small part of your marketing budget to advertise on social media, you could be missing out on valuable leads. Social media is increasingly pay-to-play. Creating a few posts each week about your products and sales doesn’t cut it anymore – you need to invest a segment of your marketing budget into your social media presence to see a strong ROI.

Facebook is arguably the best platform for social media advertising. The platform offers a variety of targeting options to help you reach your goals and connect with shoppers who are likely to buy from you. If that’s not enough to convince you, there are two major reasons Facebook advertising is a must for your digital marketing strategy. Continue reading

How Updating Your Digital Marketing Strategy Can Save You Time and Money

Piggy bank with coins.When was the last time you updated your digital marketing strategy? If it’s been a while or if you’re still investing in outdated tactics, you could be throwing your marketing budget down the drain. Don’t waste your time and money with digital marketing methods that aren’t giving you a strong return on investment.

Not convinced it’s worth the effort? Check out these three reasons you need to update your strategy, then join us for our next HelpForce Live! webinar, 4 Marketing Tactics Not To Waste Your Money On, to learn four common tactics that could be wasting your resources and what to replace them with. Continue reading

Dealer Q&A: How Can I Make Sure My Website Speed is Fast Enough for Google?

SpeedometerARI’s director of product marketing, Bill Wagner, answers real dealer questions in this semi-regular blog feature. Keep reading for Bill’s take on why Google is looking at your website speed, and how you can make sure your site is fast enough.

Q: I’ve been told that Google looks at my website’s speed as a factor for search engine rankings. What can I do to make sure that my site is fast enough for Google?

A: Site speed is the time it takes your website to load and display in a user’s web browser, and it is definitely an important metric for websites in 2017. The reason Google has been increasing its importance as a ranking factor is because your prospects and customers value it as well. Internet users typically have a very short attention span, and more options that may help them complete their search are just a click of the back button away. So, ensuring your website loads quickly for users is an easy way to better satisfy the needs of your users and send Google some positive signals about your website’s performance. Continue reading

How Facebook’s Reporting Errors Impact Your Business

Person analyzing data,         charts and graphs on a tablet.If you’ve been paying attention to your Facebook Insights, you might have noticed some drastic changes in the numbers over the last few months. Since September, Facebook has come forward multiple times to announce measurement errors in the data you see in Facebook Insights or in the Facebook Ad Manager.

We’ve pulled three of the errors that are most likely to impact your dealership. Keep reading to learn where Facebook messed up, how it impacted your Facebook presence, and how they’re making it right. Continue reading

How to Succeed in Holiday Season 2016

Holiday-Gifts-Under-TreeThe holiday season is just around the corner! We’re just a week away from Black Friday, and chances are your shoppers are getting amped up for their holiday shopping. How can you make sure they choose your dealership over the competition for their holiday shopping needs?

The people who come to your store or your website during the holiday season might not be your typical shoppers. It can be a big challenge for someone who’s never touched a motorcycle to pick out a fantastic gift for the bike lover in their life. Help them out by creating custom “Gift Guide” catalogs on your website featuring the perfect presents for shoppers with different interests (like a “Motorcycle Lover’s Gift Guide” and a “Snowmobiler’s Gift Guide”). Continue reading

3 Customer Expectations Influenced By Other Stores

While a shopper browses your Shopping online with credit carddealership in-store or online, they’re making a lot of comparisons. What they expect from their interactions with your business is based in large part on their experiences with other retailers. Meeting customer expectations and providing them with a great experience in your own store can go a long way to strengthen your customer relationships and drive sales.

Expectations vary from customer to customer, but we’ve rounded up three common things shoppers look for from dealers like you and how you can make sure you’re dealership is keeping up with the competition and providing a great experience. Continue reading

The Importance of Complete Product Information

Your website provides a wealth Man using tablet and laptopof information about your dealership. It gives shoppers details about sales and promotions, the services you offer and what your dealership is like, but arguably the most important information your website provides is in-depth product details.

Having complete product information on your website is a must. Your website is the online destination for your dealership, and you should treat it just the way you would a brick-and-mortar location. You wouldn’t spend money on a new dealership location just to leave it sit empty, would you? Leaving your inventory off of your website is doing just that!

Today’s ROBO (research online, buy offline) shoppers are doing more research than ever on the best product for their needs before setting foot in your store, and your website is a key part of their research process. After reading reviews and comparing models with help from search engines, social media and third-party sales sites, shoppers browse your site looking for product prices, specs and photos. If they can’t find that information, they’ll likely choose to shop with a competitor instead. Continue reading

Dealer Q&A: What Do I Need to Know to Get Started With Email Marketing?

Speech bubble with "Dealer Q&A" textARI’s director of product marketing, Bill Wagner, answers real dealer questions in this semi-regular blog feature. Keep reading for Bill’s take on what you need to know before starting an email marketing campaign.

Q: I’ve been looking to start email marketing and would like to know how to go about building my mailing list. I’ve been approached by vendors selling mailing lists, and I have some old customer lists that include email addresses. Can I start there?

A: Email activity is governed by the CAN SPAM Act of 2003 in the United States, and there are couple hard and fast rules and a few best practice guidelines to follow to ensure you stay in compliance. You’ll also want to make sure you’re using a white-listed email service to help ensure that your emails don’t end up in your customers’ and prospects’ spam or clutter inboxes. I’ll cover the high points. Continue reading

3 Ways to Engage In-Store Shoppers

Shopper using smartphone in a storeYour shoppers do a lot of research before they ever set foot in your store. They use search engines, review sites, third-party sales sites, social media, videos and your website to learn about products and services that best fit their needs. But after they’ve narrowed their options to a few products, they’ll often take the show on the road and visit you at your dealership.

Just because you’ve gotten them in-store doesn’t mean that the research process is over, though! Statistics show that 79% of customers will conduct research online while browsing in-store using search engines, your website or app, a different retailer’s website or app or another type of site. Continue reading

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